We Are All Satoshi

This is our view of everything that happens in the crypto space

We are an experienced team of crypto enthusiasts. We believe that blockchain technology and what it will become over the years will change the global financial system. Of course this will happen thanks to thousands of developers around the world.

It can't be any other way. That's why we want to be there at every stage of the development of technology that will change the world. Every day we learn something new. We actively participate in the life of crypto projects. We help the community of like-minded people.



We participate in various testnet's

When we participate in many different testnet's, we learn how to work correctly with a particular network. What equipment to choose. How to set it up correctly. Whether it is a dedicated server or a VPS. We already have a rich and interesting experience. And we are ready to share it.

We really like to participate in

NuCypher: Come and Stake It Incentivized Testnet
Coda Protocol : Coda Public Testnet
Certik Foundation : Shentu Games Incentivized Testnet


We got an interesting experience

Elrond Network: Battle of Nodes: Onchained
Bluzelle: Swarm Of Duty Testnet
Harmony: Pangaea Testnet

And we are also pushing an interesting IDENA project because we just like it...